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"Drawing from extensive property finance experience, I specialize in securing initial homes and investment opportunities. As a dedicated advisor, I excel amidst challenges, unravelling intricate situations. I'm committed to making homeownership a reality, skillfully managing time and connections for the best results."

Nick Coyle
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  • FREE Service
    Our services are compensated directly by lenders, as we tailor lending proposals to meet their criteria. This results in our service being entirely cost-free for you. In the rare instance any lender fees arise, we immediately communicate this to you.

  • Award-winning Advice
    Backed by Harcourts Northwest Realty, we offer trusted guidance that results in a profoundly personalized mortgage, finance, and insurance advisory service. Our approach is founded on a robust foundation of industry expertise and hands-on experience.

  • Personalized Loans
    By understanding the uniqueness of your situation and its potential for rapid change, we excel at securing challenging loans through strong ties to major banks. Our partnerships span the 4 primary banks and 17 additional lenders, guaranteeing extensive options. Our knowledgeable team stays current with evolving loan intricacies to provide tailored solutions that align with your needs and timeframes.


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Our Core Services

First Home Buyers:

  • Determine your budget: Assess your preferences and needs, clarify loan categories and repayment specifics, simplify loan alternatives, and manage documentation.
  • Organize your finances: Secure pre-approval, offer expert advice on negotiation and auction strategies, oversee crucial dates, and continuously optimize your deal based on changing circumstances.
  • Be available: as your circumstances change to check that you’re still getting the very best deal for you.

Refinancing Your Mortgage:

  • Discovering suitable loan options: to take advantage of lower rates and potentially save money on interest payments over the life of your loan.
  • Utilising your equity: Refinancing can provide access to your accrued home equity – for purposes such as renovations, a new car, or an investment property deposit.
  • Cashback: New lending often includes a cashback from the lender. By moving your loan to a new lender, you may qualify for this deal.

Investment Property:

  • Evaluate your circumstances: to provide guidance on the most suitable loan arrangement.
  • Minimise the collateral required: by your lender while ensuring your interests are not compromised.
  • Evaluate your loan collection: Analyze your loan portfolio in relation to current market options, ensuring you secure the most favorable terms – a level of scrutiny your bank manager won't deliver!

Real Estate Agents:

  • Seamless Transactions: Experience smoother deal closings with our streamlined mortgage process.
  • Collaboration: With us handling the financing details, you can focus on finding the perfect homes for your clients.
  • Quick Approvals: Our fast approval times mean quicker turnarounds, keeping your clients smiling and your deals moving.
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Nick Coyle

Mortgage Broker - Kiwisaver Advisor - Personal Finance Consultant


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Although 20% is an ideal deposit, there are options for a 10% deposit on property.

The best place to start to get an idea, is a mortgage calculator. We can also give you a very close figure after a quick 5-minute conversation.

It is our job to find the best deal for you. We know what the banks are offering and can match that up to your specific situation. We are also free of charge to you, the lending bank pays for our service!

No, we get much further, much faster with a live deal. Usually 3 - 4 times faster as the lenders see you as a serious buyer and prioritise your application.



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